Wings 4 Water // 9.14.23 @ Paragon Star

We are excited to be a part of the 2023 Wings 4 Water! Our team is cooking up wings to raise money for global clean water efforts and we would love our listeners to join us at this awesome FREE event and vote for our wings! Back by popular demand we will be cooking up our Spicy Asian Wing – Obi-Wing Kenobi and our Spicy Garlic Wing – Earth, Wing and Fire!


Competitors prepare their tastiest wings and serve them in designated tents.

Kick-off the best season of the year – football season – with the best wings in the country. Be sure to wear your Chiefs red to celebrate the best sports franchise in the world. (Also, the red hides wing sauce pretty well.)

Guests come out for free and enjoy live music while eating a wing from as many sponsors as they want. Then, they vote for their favorite wings with money and 100% of the vote goes to global clean water efforts and local relief efforts.

As a thank you, around 150 pre-registered attendees will receive gift bags with prizes, such as gift cards or sporting event tickets, along with information about our Hot and Atomic Sponsors.

Check out some pics from last year’s event!